Structural, alignment, balance, and integration through deep connective tissue work

Zentherapy methods recognize that from birth to death, life is a flow of energy. This energy is shaped by our attitudes, emotions, and bodies. Zentherapy methods release the natural form of the body from the aberrations caused by physical, chemical and psychological traumas. The nature of the work is very deep, direct, and to the point. Zentherapy reverses the aging process and rejuvenates the body, mind and spirit, giving you increased levels of awareness, functioning and energy. Reeducating your posture and movement is stressed though out the 10 sessions. Becoming a new person moving balanced in gravity.

Every major trauma of life whether physical, emotional or chemical is held in the body. These stored events weigh you down, robbing you of clarity, aliveness, and peace-of-mind by obstructing the flow of vital energy (Ki) within your body/mind/spirit.

Trauma housed in the body lives on a subliminal level, siphoning off energy, contributing to subconscious distortions in thinking, feeling, and acting. The vicious cycle of aberrant patterns in structure and functioning is reinforced by lack of awareness of these traumatic episodes. Sometimes stored trauma will enter the field of consciousness, where it is most often experienced as pain in the soft tissue of the body. In reality, this is the so-called "tip of the iceberg."

These aberrations misalign the body and block the free flow of energy within the body and between the person and the universe. The blocks and misalignment prevent a person from realizing the full potential of being human and experiencing the oneness of all life. Once the blocks are removed, the body can be aligned and the body, mind, and spirit will move to a higher plateau.

The overall goal of Zentherapy is to give the body its optimum functionality in movement and in stillness by preparing, balancing, and aligning the soft tissue of the body in relationship with itself and its environment.

ZenBodytherapy® is comprised of ten sessions of deep tissue work. Each session has specified goals. The practitioner works the prescribed area according to the recipe to attain these goals. The sessions are cumulative, a session cannot be left out without creating problems. The first three sessions work on superficial levels of soft tissue, finding the aberrations that have built up in the tissues over years of stress and strain and clearing or fixing them. The next three sessions (4, 5, 6), are deep core work in the pelvis. The first six sessions essentially take the body apart, separating and freeing the soft tissue so it can be repositioned and realigned, put back together in the remaining four sessions.

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Each 90 minute Zentherapy session costs $90.