Massage, Posture & Movement

Roger Cloutier, LMP


Massage is beneficial in many ways, whether through someone else's touch, self massage, massage through movement, or massage through stillness (relaxation). It helps release old physical and emotional tensions, which distort our posture and movement. Awareness of tissue creates circulation. The body helps you become more aware of the areas you are focusing on. We are a portal of the Tao; our present awareness is the portal! Moving our present awareness through tissue generates a field of energy; this is the juice our tissue needs and wants, which is why it responds to our awareness. Our bodies respond to lack of awareness by experiencing pain.


With bodywork, movement awareness, and stillness, your posture can improve, leading to a feeling of greater energy and balance. By practicing standing and sitting with good posture, you learn where your center is and feel how your center is rooted beneath you. You also experience the freedom of not holding yourself up against the forces of gravity (leaning).


The practice of conscious movement is a meditation (being with one's self) allowing you to feel more of your whole self. This lets you make minute adjustments to your posture, which will reprogram the spine (reflex center). The body loves your attention. Qigong is a perfect example of conscious movement.

Standing, Breathing, Walking, Reaching, Lifting, Running, Self Massage

Doing your part in taking back our healthcare systems wastes through lack of basic movement education by learning to breath, walk, and move our own appendages (head, arms and legs). This once secret natural way of movement is our way to massage our bodies, release tension, be able to create such stamina as to work hard all day and play all evening. It leads to enjoying every moment, every step, every breath you take. Virtually eliminates falls, even if you are blind. It’s the root movement pattern for all the Internal Arts of China (Taiji, Bagua, Hsing I and Qigong), taught in riding schools (Dressage, Western, and Martial). Also is the movement Pattern taught in bodywork therapies such as Taiji, Zentherapy, Rolfing, Alexander, Fedenkraus and Trager, to list a few. Learning this when you are young before you have a family will allow your children to feel and know it effortlessly, learning it in the womb and having it reinforced by feeling and watching you in their infancy. This will be the great moment of return of this natural and inheritable gift that is virtually lost in most of the “civilized world” now, where the mainstream medicine has taken over and has failed us in the most basic of healthcare arenas, our own movement principles. The elderly need this NOW to give them back their balance and strength with less pain, which leaning and lack of circulation brings on. Think of it as a new sport that causes change in the body. Remember to take it slow so there is less pain involved, as the body demolition cells (Fibroclast) break down tissues and at the same time other cells (fibroblasts) lay in new connective tissue like tiny spiders.  
Watch the animals. Watch nature. Watch people that live close to nature. Balance is the prime principle. If you lean you fall eventually. Nothing can fight gravity forever. Be in gravity like a tree or a flower and it will help your beautiful flower to open. 
We all have gifts, which are our facet of all the facets of the one. We have to make our way out of pain, suffering and lack to feel and nurture these gifts. They then can be added and felt for the synergy of the entire “One” to happen. This is our evolution that has been put on the back burner until we eventually fall of our own gravity, ignorance, greed or fear that there isn’t enough to go around. We make a not enough reality by the waist we have all around us. One being of course just the way we relate to our own environment through our movement patterns. This can ease such suffering and free us and our wonderful Doctors to maybe realize the next evolution in our being.
Now lets get back to what you can do for yourself right now! A little education goes a long way!