Holographic Memory Release Technique

Holographic Memory Release (HMR) technique is a healing approach that promotes health by helping you to reframe memories (or memory complexes) that have, on a subliminal level, acted as filters to your perception of reality and restricted your ability to self heal. As the memories are reframed, the physical manifestations of those memories are released and you gain vital capacity and flexibility, both on a physical level and in your perception of yourself and others.

HMR practitioners assist you in this healing process by accessing “touch points” in your body. These touch points are part of your body’s holographic mind-body communication network. Each one of them is a micro-system that represents the entire body on one body part.

When the practitioner establishes rapport with a touch point, we use “awareness tools” to gather all the information that we have learned from your body up to that point. With light touch and torque, we then communicate this information directly into your holographic memory system. Your body uses that information to reframe a memory or complex of memories that has preoccupied you.

The key to HMR is that the practitioner is a silent observer who is performing the process without judgment or involvement in the actual healing process. The HMR practitioner’s job is to be the eyes and ears of the healing individual within his or her own healing drama.

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A Holographic Memory Release Technique session costs $30 and will vary in length up to 30 minutes.